• 2016

    Holitech Europe

    After growing to one of China’s largest LC-Display technology companies the management plans to go global. Philipp (49 % stake) and Holitech (51 % stake) are forming Holitech Europe.

  • 2010


    After being employed for two years in the Automotive Industry Philipp sets sails to his first company KFS GROUP. KFSG‘s mission is to improve both, internal manufacturing and Supply Chains of its clients.

  • 2008


    After getting to know odelo through his consulting engagement, Philipp joins odelo as a full-time employee heading Supplier Management & Development for state-of-the-art Supply Chains primarily dealing with Flex (EMS) and alike.

  • 2006

    Siemens Communication

    Philipp starts his career in Supply Chain Management for Siemens in Curitiba, Brazil and Shanghai, China.

  • 2018


    After the acquisition of the Elumincity’s charging business by Wirelane, Philipp acquires the Smart City Sensor business and continues with Michael Schwarz to work on the future of urban spaces.

  • 2019


    Driven by a growing demand to reshape the future of industry and organizations Michael Schwarz and Philipp team up to address this demand and incorporate STRATOS GmbH.